IRAIA was established in 1995 as a grocery store in Kamuning, Quezon City with photocopy services, VHS and comics rental, a BBS presence, and later FidoMail-to-InternetMail (via UUCP) service. The store was run by a couple. Its first website was set up in 2002 and, despite some ups and downs, has been online ever since.

IRAIA means Iraia Research and Internet Archives, or Iraia River Archives Inter Alia, or simply “people upstream” (iraya, in several Philippine languages). Right now it means Iraia River Archives Is Alive. Because it is. Choose what fits your expectations.

A few words about the logo, especially about the five characters: two I’s that look like pine trees and also spears, two A’s that look like Austronesian huts on stilts, and a small-case R that looks like a palm tree (crossed with a banana plant maybe). All symbolize upland lifeways. And I like this shade of green.

So until someone comes up with a better meaning for IRAIA the acronym and a better design theme for IRAIA the logo, you’re stuck with both. And you’re stuck with us. Deal with it. #