What happened to the Indian adivasis and tribals?

India's adivasi (or tribals, or indigenous peoples)

India's adivasi (or tribals, or indigenous peoples)

This video was posted by Masaman (Mason) on YouTube on 2 August 2018.

As he explains in the text description accompanying his video, Adivasis are a group that is “officially considered by the Indian and other South Asian governments to be the ‘original native inhabitants’ of their land? His video will look at the original peoples of South Asia, and “how they evolved into the modern South Asian ethnic groups we see today,” which tries to describe both the intermixing and the impacts of the caste system.

Mason/Masaman says his YouTube channel is intended “to inform people on various (potentially) controversial subjects that most mainstream outlets don’t cover (or cover incorrectly), such as race, ethnicity, religion, and culture.”

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